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School Year: 2021-2022


Spelling Bee Registration 

 Registration Closes: Wednesday, November 24, 11:59 PM

Registration Link: http://rmsptsa.org/Packet/SpellingBeeReg


What is Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees are a competition where each participant in turn gets a word to spell, and if they spell it right, they stay in the competition (but if they spell even one word wrong, they’re out). Each participant gets a different word. The last participant standing (having spelt correctly all words they were given) is declared the winner.

Spelling Bees have gotten even more popular this last year, with many spelling bees conducted nationally over Zoom or other online platforms, and offering thousands of dollars in prize money. More important – they are a great way to strengthen command of the English language, learn new words and concepts and build comprehension skills. It is also a great way to learn how to stand up in front of peers and compete in a friendly way.

RMS participates in the Scripps National Spelling Bee Program (the most prestigious spelling bee in the US). The Bee is open to all students of Redmond Middle School. The competition begins with a written (or online) test of words as well as vocabulary. Those who make the cutoff proceed to the school spelling bee. The winner of the school bee will then proceed to the Seattle Regional Bee and will also have the option to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington DC, televised nationally on ESPN.

The registration fee can be paid online at the time of registration. (Scholarships Available!) The fee covers enrollment, a participation certificate, and entry into the Final School Spelling Bee (provided that the student qualifies by first passing the Written Round Test). After the enrollment the students will receive a word list for preparation provided by the organizers at Scripps. There will be a written/online preliminary round in January, followed by an oral spelling competition a few weeks later. We will conduct mock sessions to help students get familiar with the format.

The school winner will represent RMS at the regional competition in Seattle, where participants from more than 100 schools will compete. The winner from the regionals gets an all-expenses paid entry into the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

Contact spellingbeechair@rmsptsa.org if you have any questions.



We need volunteers. Please reach out to us at spellingbeechair@rmsptsa.org if you're interested!

Please note that all volunteers must become RMS PTSA members, if not already AND be LWSD Volunteer Approved!

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Spelling Bee Dates

Dates for 2021-2022: Tentative

• Coaching Classes: November 2021 to January 2022 (TBA)
• Written Round Prelims: January 2022 (TBA)
• Mock Spelling Bee: January 2022 (TBA)
• Final School Spelling Bee: February 2022 (TBA)



Registration Closes: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 11:59 PM

Spelling Bee Registration Link: http://rmsptsa.org/Packet/SpellingBeeReg

Requirements: Speller must be an RMS student and must not have reached his/her 15th birthday on or before August 31, 2021

After You Register

  • You will be given access to the RMS PTSA Teams account, which has the word and vocabulary lists. Please download them and start preparing. The school spelling bee relies primarily on the 450 word and vocabulary list provided by the Scripps Spelling Bee organizers.
  • The preliminaries will be a written round and we expect the students to know the meaning of all the words. The test will not be just about spelling – the students will be tested on both vocabulary (meanings) and spellings.
  • The written round pattern will also be emailed to your email used to register on this site.
  • There is also a “Words of Champions” word list that has 4000 words (organized into three difficulty levels). The final spelling bee will pull words from this 4000-word list if we exhaust the 450-word list.
  • The “Words of Champions” list will also be useful to the School winner, since the school winner will participate in the regional competition which will heavily rely on the 4000-word list.
  • Please use http://www.merriam-webster.com to hear the pronunciation of each and every word. It also has details about the origin of the word, examples, alternate pronunciation and meaning. This website is recommend by Scripps for pronunciation. The pronouncers will use the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the standard reference for both final school spelling bee and the regionals.


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