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School Year: 2023-2024



Science Team Registration

Registration Period: Wed, Oct 4, 8:00 PM - Sun, Oct. 8 5:00 PM

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General Information 

RMS PTSA Science Team provides students an opportunity to enhance their skills in science through practical projects, theoretical study and guides them to compete in several science competitions throughout the school year. Students can register for the competitions that interest them on a space-available basis (see selection criteria for space-limited competitions below). The science team committee will take care of all the logistics with regards to registration and communicate this to the parents. Competitions are held between December and May.

As part of this program, parents are responsible for transporting their students to and from the competitions, purchasing any necessary supplies based on the student’s choice of events and are expected to volunteer as a coach/guide for their own child’s team.

Students who register for the Science Team will receive emails with the date and location updates during the year. Please be sure to register with the email address that you check frequently and LWSD student email (s-xxxx@lwsd.org). We strongly encourage middle school students to be responsible for checking these emails themselves.

Science Team Goals:

  1. Enhance Learning of science through awareness and participation and empower Students to achieve their best
  2. Promote peer growth and team spirit across RMS to send the best possible teams to represent RMS at Regional and State levels
  3. Facilitate increased usage of the school facility, teacher support & external resources


Science Competitions Planned For This Year 


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