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School Year: 2019-2020

Robotics club aims to instill STEM education through hands-on Robotics experience. The study of Robotics will incorporate three pillars of STEM - Think (think of ideas how to design robot efficiently), Do (build robot and operate) and Test (test solutions and compete.) Any student interested will be able participate in this engineering project.

Students will participate in the Vex IQ regional competition and will be evaluated by people experienced in STEM. Students will be required to solve an engineering challenge presented in the form of a team matching competition, skill test, autonomous programming, research project, and technical presentation.

Depending on how well students perform in the regional competition, they will be able to proceed to state and the world championship.

2019-2020 VEX IQ Challenge 

Rubrics and Tournament Information

Topics Covered in Robotics -

* Robot design: Students will design a robot to perform the given task efficiently. It will require creativity, and problem solving skill. They will experience the design process while trying to create an efficient robot.

* Robot building: Students will build robots using motors, brain, and blocks.

* Robot Testing: Student will perform various tests to validate the design.

* Robot competition: Student will participate in the competition using the robot.

* Robot programming: Student will code for tele-operation and autonomous operation of the robot.

* STEM research: Student will perform research into current fields of robotics based on the topic. This will be a unique opportunity for students to be exposed to survey, and state-of-the-art Robotics research.


Commitment -

Robotics club requires non-trivial commitment in terms of time and effort. Remember it is team-based activity. To be a proactive team player and for the benefit of yourself, carefully think before you sign up if you can commit all activities.

* Weekly meetings for robot building, experiment and other project-related discussion. The location and time are per each team’s discretion.

* 2 mandatory regional VexIQ tournaments.

* Potential travel to state competition or even world competition depending on regional competition results.


Expenses -

* $120 club fee. It includes essential Robotics equipment, team registration fee and two regional competition registration fees.

* State and world registration will be required separately if the team qualifies.

* Additional parts may be required depending on each team’s project status (e.g., broken parts, additional sensors, etc.) Any additional cost incurred should be discussed and covered within a team.


If you would like to join Robotics Club you must follow this process:

* Form a team of 3-5 students (Club advisors do not form teams and they do not force students on to other teams)

* Find a parent/guardian willing to be your coach. Each team should have head-coach to advice technically and organize all team activities. Without a head-coach, a team cannot be formed. The duties of head-coach include:

o Organize and supervise weekly meeting meetings

o Coordination with parents/students and communicates with club advisors.

o Manages tournament and travel.

* Come up with a team name

* Have your coach email robotics@rmsptsa.org with the following:

o Team Name

o Coach Name

o Student Names

o Student LWSD email addresses


All steps must be complete before our first meeting in September. Because of the volume of students this will be a hard date, submissions after this date will not be accepted!

For more information and to be added to our distribution list please contact us.


Club Event Dates -

* Interest/Info Meeting - September 26 at 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. in RMS Library

You can see the info night presentation here !

* Registration due date - 10/05

* Weekly team meetings - Each team coordinates times (Starting October)

* First Vex IQ regional Tournament - TBD

* Second Vex IQ regional Tournament - TBD

* Vex IQ State Tournament - TBD (Must Qualify to Attend)

* VEX Worlds Tournament - TBD (Must Qualify to Attend)



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