School Year: 2023 - 2024


RMS staff: Click here to access the Grant Criteria and Application Form

Redmond Middle School PTSA supports classroom and school programs by sponsoring grants for special projects. The purpose of each grant is to fund ongoing curriculum that advances student learning, or to promote the health, safety and welfare of the students at Redmond Middle School.

Any member of the Redmond Middle School staff can submit a grant proposal to PTSA. Grants are typically considered and approved twice per year, once in the fall (Oct/Nov) and once in the winter (Jan/Feb), depending on funds availability. Grants are funded exclusively with proceeds from our "Annual Contribution" fundraising campaign and from employee matching corporate donations.

Awarded funds support curriculum and instruction within the RMS School Improvement Plan or equivalent and are meant to support as many students as possible. PTSA grants do not pay for food or consumable items.

PTSA raises money by asking for direct, tax-deductible donations through our fundraising campaigns. PTSA programs depend on your financial support to provide additional educational and enrichment support for RMS students. 

We realize that not every family will be able to make the suggested donation, and others will be able to donate more. Every family is encouraged to give as much as they can afford, and your contribution is greatly appreciated. Last year, PTSA spent every single dollar donated through Pass the Hat and matching funds on Grants for academic projects, programs and scholarships for the direct benefit of our students. This year we are hoping to fund even more grants, continue our wildly successful Drama program, sponsor a new Math program, and bring the school’s disaster preparedness supplies up to date, among other projects. The greater your support, the more GOOD things we can make happen!


Examples of previously awarded PTSA grants

2023 - 2024

  • Grizz Fit After-School Club
  • PE - Indoor soccer balls
  • Math - Building Thinking Classrooms Whiteboards

2022 - 2023

  • PE - Speed stacks and timers, Nitroballs
  • Student store supplies and awesome pawsomes
  • Library - yoga mats and blocks to support mindfulness / movement 


  • PE - Juggling Eq, Jump Ropes, Curriculum Guide, Balls
  • OT sensory equipment and tools
  • Resource - Laminator, Sensory Sock
  • Viola for low-income students to use
  • Music in the Park Festival
  • Calculators
  • HR Monitors


  • Library gifts to put in gift bags to students
  • Jump ropes
  • Special Education Grant for books
  • Walkie-Talkie Radios
  • Lacrosse Goals
  • CPR Mannequins


  • Library Books purchased by students in the Purchasing Committee
  • Circulatory System Anatomy Model
  • Whiteboards and Erasers for Math Rooms
  • iPads for Transition Room
  • Jump Ropes
  • Mirror for Weight Room
  • 80 Copies of The Phantom Tollbooth
  • Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit - Enrichment Trip
  • TV and Digital Sign for the Commons
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Microphone Headsets for ELL
  • Symphonic Band Festival
  • Music in The Parks
  • Junior Library Guild Subscription
  • Replacement of The Giver novel


  • Puppets for target language speaking practice
  • Flipcams and tripods for classroom projects
  • Books for improved fluency and comprehension skills for students in the transition program
  • Board games to enhance vocabulary and oral speaking skills
  • Stop watches for student use and daily timings
  • Scooter Hockey and Basketball sets, Speedminton, footballs, golf balls, training rope, and other P.E. equipment
  • Rubik Cube education kits for math and problem-solving skills
  • Textbooks entire grade sets to align with CCS goals reading and U.S./WA History
  • Extra-large 18x24 whiteboards for use in 6th grade Math
  • Rock tumblers for 6th Grade Science Earth History Science Unit
  • Class sets of Junior Scholastic and NY Times Upfront
  • “Meet the Composer” program for Music students
  • Career Cruising Career Research program for use by students and teachers
  • New disaster preparedness storage shed
  • Two-way radios for student safety in the sports grounds and portables


  • Food props representative of Japan for use in Japanese class
  • Whiteboards, erasers, markers for use in Language classes
  • French magazines for students to support French classes
  • Support for “Grizzly Den” buttons
  • DVDs to support 7th grade Health classes
  • Classroom library materials for 7th grade LA/SS classes
  • Set of manikins for CPR/AED and First Aid instruction
  • Math Curriculum support materials
  • Supplies for student creations of book cover posters
  • Tchoukball equipment, dual scooters, portable goals and other P.E. equipment


  • Manipulatives for use in world languages classes
  • Library materials targeted to incoming 6th grade students
  • Additional funds for Leadership die cut machine
  • Portable Ham Radio for school safety
  • AED for Gym for school safety
  • Audio books for Special Ed and ELL students
  • Math books to support multiple ability levels within the 6th /7th grade math classroom
  • History materials to facilitate teacher and student growth in research, documentation, and communicating history
  • USB microphone for use with “readers theatre” in Language Arts as well as for documentaries and podcasts for Social Studies
  • Double-sided Dry Erase boards with grid for easier sharing of student lab results in science classes


  • T-shirts to support transition for incoming 7th graders
  • Replacement of safety/communication handheld radios
  • Math manipulatives and teacher resource books
  • Gauge/manifold accessory for culminating project rocket launchers
  • School Banner with theme "Redmond = Respect"
  • Positive behavior incentive items
  • Customized (Redmond Junior High) lanyards and badge sleeves
  • Ensemble condenser microphones and cables
  • Seattle Museum of History & Industry Rentable "Portable Museums"
  • Computer mouse for use with pilot program use of netbooks
  • 18 copies of historical fiction, plus teacher's guide and student packet
  • "Caught Reading!" digital picture frame for library
  • 9 stools for use in Homework Lunch classroom
  • 200 copies Wonderful Wizard of Oz; 2 sets audio book CDs
  • Bottle rocket launchers and staging tubes
  • Subscriptions to French student magazines Allons-y and Bonjour for use in French class


  • Student copies of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  • Class set of dictionaries and thesauruses
  • Audio books
  • Universal recharging units for classroom set of recharging batteries
  • Flip Mino HD video cameras for student use
  • Two-way radios
  • Non-fiction reading series designed for struggling readers
  • Master Lock combination locks to orient 6th grade students to lockers
  • Percussion instruments and drum throne
  • Teaching tool: megaphones to illustrate perspectives in debating issues or problems
  • 150 copies of the novel Forbidden City for use during China unit
  • 16 copies of the text: Socially Curious and Curiously Social


  • Math team t-shirts
  • Funds for costumes and props for after-school drama production
  • Accusplit timers for use in special education classroom
  • Social studies and science reading series for struggling readers
  • Digital camera for photographing and compiling individual electronic student portfolios
  • USB flash drives
  • Health monitors and blood pressure monitor for health class
  • Non-fiction and fiction reading series for struggling readers

Redmond Middle School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All rights reserved.