There are two different organizations that support Redmond Middle School:

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

Associated Student Body (ASB)


Use the chart below to read about the differences



PTSA is a local, state and national organization that allows parents, teachers and staff to advocate for and support children and their education by providing curriculum enrichment and school support.

ASB is a student group that represents the associated student body. Students become members by purchasing an ASB card. (Cost subject to change during remote-learning.)

Run by parent volunteers (with staff representative)

Run by ASB student officers (with faculty advisor)

Activities and programs include:

Math Club, Science Team, Spelling Bee
Drama and Musicals
Staff Appreciation
Bear Tracks Newsletter
And more

Activities and programs include:

Sports (uniforms, equipment, busing)
School Clubs
Music programs (field trips and performances)
And more


Fundraising Explained


Both PTSA and ASB rely on fundraising and your support to run the above programs. They operate separately under a specific set of laws in Washington state and their funds are not commingled. Fundraising programs take place through-out the year and will be clearly categorized as PTSA or ASB.

Corporate Matching Gifts

When you donate to PTSA or ASB, and ask your company if they can match your donation! It doubles your impact! Please be very careful to ensure that the corporate matching gift funds are directed to the correct organization that received your donation. In some systems, you may see the school listed under its former name, Redmond Junior High. Regardless, it is the end of the name that counts, so look for “PTSA” or “ASB” to make sure that your donated funds can be matched correctly.

Volunteer Matching

Some companies also match dollars to your volunteering hours. Even volunteering a few hours a year can make a big financial impact. Ask your company if they also match your volunteer hours!


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Redmond Middle School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All rights reserved.