Why is membership important?

RMS PTSA is part of a national movement, the National Parent Teacher Association (National PTA) that represents parents' and students' interests, rights and values to be implemented and enforced in every school day and beyond.

The PTSA is a membership-driven association. Membership in the PTSA shows that you value not only all the programs we organize and support, but also the time and effort spent by PTSA volunteers who make it happen. Many volunteer hours are needed to achieve our mission to enrich every RMS student’s academic experience by providing resources, enrichment activities, academic programs and curriculum support, community-building activities and more.

Do I need to renew my membership every year?

YES! Regardless of when you join, your membership must be renewed every academic year. Also, while your membership does include state and national PTA, it does not include PTSA membership at any school other than RMS. 


Does every parent need to be a member of the RMS PTSA?

A strong PTSA requires strong membership numbers. Only with a diverse group of parents can we ensure we have everyone's interests represented. In addition, the larger our membership base, the more voices we have on issues that are decided on at the county, state and national level.


What is individual membership and dual membership?

Individual membership covers membership for one person or entity.
Dual membership covers two adult memberships. The two people don’t need to be in the same household but do belong to the same family.


What’s the price for membership?

(in 2021-2022)

$15 for individual membership;
$25 for dual membership;
$12 for staff or student membership;
$0 for anyone who needs a scholarship; membership scholarships available for anyone who needs it without an application process. Simply choose the “Scholarship” product during the Join process.


Where will the membership fee go?

Part of the membership fees go to Washington State PTANational PTA,  Lake Washington Council PTSA. They provide resources, training and support for our board members and community.

Other expenses, like tax preparation and business fees are also paid by membership fees.

Any additional funds go back into our general budget and are used for all PTSA activities and programs.

Do I still need to donate if I paid my membership fee?

Being a PTSA member is different from participating in fundraising efforts at school. By becoming a PTSA member you ensure that we have legal grounds and basic funds to run our nonprofit business (we are a registered 501c(3) organization). Donations allow us to do everything else we do.


What are my responsibilities as a PTSA member?

More than responsibilities, you have rights; Right to vote for the PTSA executive board, the annual budget, changes to our standing rules, and more; Right to audit our financial standings.


I am not a US citizen, can I join and vote for PTSA business?

​Yes!! No matter your status (citizen, resident or non-resident), you can become a PTSA member and vote at PTSA General Meetings.


How to join RMS PTSA?

Go to rmsptsa.org, click on the button "JOIN PTSA",  select your options and register. ​


If I join RMS PTSA, do I have to volunteer?

No. You are not obligated to volunteer once you join, but we always need volunteers. Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities all throughout the year.


What's in it for me?​
  • Know what is happening at your student's school.
  • Gain access to PTSA-provided parent and student education workshops.
  • Build relationship with other parents, teachers and staff.
  • Make suggestions to benefit your student's school.
  • Be part of a positive change.
  • Be a role model for your child by demonstrating the importance you place on education.
  • Make your voice heard on behalf of all children.
  • Use your membership card to enjoy discounts from many retailers and service providers.


What benefits/discounts do I get as a PTSA member?

After signing up or renewing your membership, you will receive an email containing your digital membership card. With that, you can access discounts offered through the National, State and Council PTA. https://www.wastatepta.org/get-involved/member-benefits/. (Your membership number will be the same for NPTA, WSPTA and RMS PTSA.) 

Also, while your membership does include state and national PTA, it does not include PTA membership at any school other than RMS.


What if I have more questions about membership?

Contact us!

Redmond Middle School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All rights reserved.