SchoolPool October Challenge!


October is almost here and it's the City of Redmond's SchoolPool Month. The SchoolPool program encourages students and their families to leave the car behind when traveling to their neighborhood school to reduce neighborhood traffic congestion and local air pollution. 


How Does It Work?

Your student will receive a SchoolPool calendar to fill out and each returned calendar earns RMS PTSA up to $3,000 per school year and students can earn rewards, like a free Redbox rental, at the end of the challenge! This October, make it a priority to help the school, the environment and ultimately, the students! More info to come soon! Questions? Contact schoolpool@rmsptsa.org.


Don't Forget To Pack Right!

While your student is helping to reduce pollution, help them reduce the weight of their backpack. Backpack Awareness Day on Wednesday, September 26 is a great reminder to make sure their backpack is not too heavy! Use these helpful tips when your student is starting their day:

  1. Heavier books should be packed towards the back
  2. Backpack should weigh no more than 10% of the student's body weight
  3. Straps should be tight
  4. If available, hip belts and chest straps should be fastened
  5. Backpack should rest no lower than 4 inches below waistline



 " Say can't without the "T" and successful you will be "


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