2018 Washington State PTA – Guide to Proposed Legislative Principles, Issues, and Resolutions

This On-line Open House will close on October 19, so please provide us with your input today!

On October 9, members of our PTSA voted on their top priorities at the General Membership meeting. The top five issues from that meeting were: 1) Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage. 2) Raise the Age of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems to 21. 3) Prevent Gun Violence by Reducing Access. 4) Social Emotional Learning. 5) School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds.
On October 20-21, your Redmond Middle School PTSA delegates will represent you at the Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly. Please review the information below in the On-Line Open House Document and then send us an email (advocacy@rmsptsa.org) with your thoughts and opinions. The principles, issues, and resolutions were developed by others at the state level. We have the opportunity to request limited changes to wording. Most importantly, we are asked to rank the proposed legislative issues to help the state PTA define the top five priorities (you can rank them here).
If all you have time for is to rank your top issues, visit our survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/VGRrBN6ZPTjJITcE2.
On-Line Open House Document



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