RMS Science Club

Registration for RMS Science Club 

Registration for Science Olympiad opened and closed at the Mandatory Info Nite as indicated below. 

 Registration for the club sessions as well as NSB and YBTC competitions will be sent to the attendees of the Mandatory Info Nite 

New Weekly club meetings! Stay tuned in! 

Mandatory Info Nite - Sep 10th 6:30 pm @ RMS Commons

RMS PTSA Science Club provides students an opportunity to enhance their skills in science through practical projects, theoretical study and guides them to compete in several science competitions throughout the school year. Students can register for the competitions that interest them on a space-available basis (see selection criteria for space-limited competitions below). The science club committee will take care of all the logistics with regards to registration and communicate this to the parents. Competitions are held between December and May.

As part of this program, parents are responsible for transporting their students to and from the competitions, purchasing any necessary supplies based on the student’s choice of events and are expected to volunteer as a coach/guide for their own child’s team.

Students who register for the Science Club will receive emails with the date and location updates during the year. Please be sure to register with the family email and student email that you check frequently. We strongly encourage middle school students to be responsible for checking these emails themselves.

Science Club Goals:

  1. Enhance Learning of science through awareness and participation and empower Students to achieve their best
  2. Promote peer growth and Club spirit across RMS to send the best possible teams to represent RMS at Regional and State levels
  3. Facilitate increased usage of the school facility, teacher support & external resources


Intended New this year (based on student survey conducted in June 2019):

  • Weekly Science club meets to support students for various competitions
  • Peer knowledge sharing among Science club student members


Mandatory Science club info night on September 10th 6:30 pm for those who want to participate in any of the science competitions.  

  • Big changes in SO competition for RMS - Need for internal testing
  • More rigorous selection for team formation
  • Demo of build events by experienced students
  • Please attend to learn about the RMS Science Club Plans for 2019-20


Club Registration

  • Registration for Science Olympiad will open and close on Info Nite, Sep 10th 2019.
  • Registration for Science Club to participate in other competitions will remain open until Sep 30th, 2019.
  • Internal Testing Dates: TBD (October)


Science Competitions planned for this year:

Teams of 4-5 students from the school can participate in a rapid-fire, verbal competition in all branches of science. An in-depth knowledge of all branches of science is required. Practice questions can be found at https://science.energy.gov/wdts/nsb/regional-competitions/middle-school-regionals/or_wa_bpa-regional-middle-school-science-bowl/

This is a competition where students participate as individuals and are tested on their knowledge of chemistry. The first round consists of a written test, the top 3-5 students (usually 10% of the total participants) from this test will move onto the Regional round in WA. Materials will be available at http://www.chemed.org/programs/challenge/

Multiple teams of up to 15 students from the school are registered. Each team consists of sub-teams of 2 students that choose to participate in varied events covering physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences. Event descriptions for middle school science Olympiad Competition can be found at https://www.soinc.org/learn/b-event-short-descriptions#1201

Science club fees

YBTC and NSB competition costs are lower than Science Olympiad. Keeping this in mind, the registration fees for the club are two tiered.

 Students compete in NSB, YBTC and attend weekly club meetings - $40

Students compete in SO, NSB, YBTC and attend weekly club meetings - $70

(If a student has any financial challenge in paying this fee, please email the Committee chair and the fee can be waived by PTSA ), wherever applicable.

Science club Committee

Chair: Swarnima Aswinkumar

Co-chairPritul Shah 

Science Olympiad ManagersPriya RajeshSumi Singh Shalu Batra 

NSB Managers: Smita SunilArvind S.V

YBTC Managers: Yuan ZhangSupraja Dusi