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Important! Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you to all the family and community volunteers who supported students at Redmond Middle School this year by volunteering for RMS PTSA opportunities. The list below is only a small sample of the people responsible for over 2,000 hours of volunteer time.

Thank you – Abbie C, Alison B, Alissa M, Ameeshi M, Amelia H, Amritha B, Andrew D, Angela E, Angie B, Angie C, Anya P, Archana G, Arti S, Ashley E, Aya N, Beatriz G, Beth D, Bing C, Bonnie S, Camino D, Carolyn S, Cece L, Cheryl V, Chris K, Christine L, Chun W, Cindy L, Colleen W, Dale S, Deborah S, Dhanalakshmi P, Divya A, Elaine P, Elaine Janet P, Elias K, Elisa T, Ellen M, Elvan O, Fang W, Felice N, Flor L, Gautam D, Gladys C, Grace K, Gunjan J, Heather C, Ilene S, Isabel M, Jackie R, Jackie S, Jan S, Janelle C, Janie S, Jennifer M, Jie W, Jimmy C, Jinmei S, Jitka B, Julia S, Julie D, Julie O, Junko C, Junning L, Karen B, Kari H, Kathleen P, Kellie L, Kiran S, Kirsten M, Kit C, Kit T, Kitty T, Kowmudi A, Kowmundi A, Kristian A, Kristine A, Kristine Y, Kshama K, Kun C, Kyla M, Lacy W, Lalitha P, Laura A, Laura D, Leila H, Lia K, Lirong O, Lisa G, Lisa L, Lisa W, Lizbeth K, Lynelle A, Makiko O, Malia K, Malti S, Mandakini B, Manka D, Marina M, Marly H, Marni M, Michael D, Michelle O, Milla K, Mona, S, Namrata D, Natalia R, Natalie N, Natasha G, Nimmi K, Nisha V, Ommama A, Peggy J, Pei Y, Pradnya S, Pramod C, Preethi B, Priyanka B, Pu S, Qi S, Rachel H, Rajashri K, Ravi S, Renee L, Risa C, Salla L, Sally A, Sandeep G, Sandhya A, Sandhya K, Sara B, Sarah H, Sarah Z, Savita I, Shan L, Shilpa A, Shu Chen T, Shubha S, Smitha G, Srinivas P, Stacy H, Subhashini S, Sudha B, Sumi W, Supraja D, Swarnima A, Sylvie W, Tali Y, Tara B, Taunya C, Terina B, Terumi K, Tom S, Tracey G, Vaishali P, Vanessa B, Wai Ling Y, Wakana K, Walker H, Wendy B, Werona A, Xia W, Xubei Z, Yael D, Youchen L, Yuki I, Yukiko T, Yulia S, Yulis S

Without you we would not have had such a great year!  Have a safe & happy summer and we'll see you in August!

Summer registration available at LWSD Resource Center 
If you need to register your student for the 2018-19 school year while the school office is closed for the summer, the district can help. Summer registration is available at the district’s Resource Center from  July 16 – August 10  during the following hours: July 16 – 27 Monday / Wednesday / Friday : 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Tuesday /Thursday:  12:30 - 4 p.m. July 30 – August 10 Monday - Friday :  7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. The Resource Center is located at  16250 NE 74th Street , Redmond, in Redmond Town Center. ... read full article

2018-2019 Board Elected
Elections for the 2018-2019 school year were held at Tuesday’s general meeting. The incoming Executive Board is: Ashley Epstein & Laura Drover, Co-presidents; Stacy Hatch, 1 st Vice President (Volunteers); Sujatha Patra, 2 nd Vice President (Communications); Manjari Kanungo, Secretary; and Christine Li, Treasurer. The new board which includes the Drama, Emergency Prep, Family & Community Advocacy, Legislative Advocacy, & Membership chairs takes office on July 1, 2018. If you’re interested in any position next year please contact president@rmsptsa.org. ... read full article

Company Matching Information
Do you or your spouse work for a company that will match your PTSA donation or membership fees? If you joined the Redmond Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (RMS PTSA) at the family membership level, $25, your payment is eligible for a company match from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Google just to name a few. Any pass the hat donation is also eligible for matching funds. Please check with your company's HR or benefits department to find out if they match donations to a 501(c)(3). The matching process is easy to do! Using Microsoft as an example, ... read full article

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