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Redmond Middle School's "The Snuggery"
Updated on January 20 to reflect the current Individual Food Needs!   Redmond Middle School has created a food pantry/clothing closet for students in need of these extra resources during the school day or at home during the week. They have dubbed this room “The Snuggery”. Redmond Middle School has asked the school community (all of us) if we'd like to help contribute to this initiative by donating items below so that they're available all throughout the year. Individual foods: Individual shelf stable milks (ex: Silk soy milk individual serving cartons) Individual serving of crackers Individual cereal servings Fruit cups Apple sauce ... read full article

Check out the Latest Bear Tracks!
Check out the latest Bear Tracks  for the week of February 18, 2019! ... read full article

Men's Essay Contest for Students
Students needed to participate in the PTA Men’s Essay Contest.   In an effort to help promote male engagement around the state of Washington, the objective of this contest is for students of all ages to write an essay about a male role model that has had a profound impact on their life. All men involved in a child’s life (fathers, uncles, grandpas, brothers, stepfathers, mentors, coaches and friends) impact the children they care about. When writing their essays, students can consider many questions including (but not limited to):   • Why is this male role model important in your ... read full article

Student Bulletin February 19, 2018
    Reminder to all wrestlers, practice starts right after school and goes until 4:30 please make sure you have rides. Girls Basketball players if you are a regionals player your practice starts right after school, if you are JV or Varsity your practice starts at 3:50. Please make sure that you have arranged a ride. If you have any questions, please see a coach.   Come to the library to have a sneak peek at the Advance Reader Editions of books. Look and leave a plus sign on the post-it if you think it’s a book the library should ... read full article

Company Matching Information
Do you or your spouse work for a company that will match your PTSA donation or membership fees? If you joined the Redmond Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (RMS PTSA) at the family membership level, $25, your payment is eligible for a company match from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Google just to name a few. Any pass the hat donation is also eligible for matching funds. Please check with your company's HR or benefits department to find out if they match donations to a 501(c)(3). The matching process is easy to do! Using Microsoft as an example, ... read full article

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