PTSA hopes to be of service to the Redmond Middle School staff in working towards our mutual goal of making Redmond Middle School the best school we can for our students, and look forward to a wonderful year 2018-2019.

PTSA stands for Parent-Teacher-Student-Association.  You are the "T" in our name! A child benefits when there is a strong and positive home-school connection.

Redmond Middle School PTSA encourages you to do the following:

Join PTSA. PTSA has a special Staff Membership price of $10 per individual staff member. That alone is a great deal and a wonderful investment in our children, but if you consider the additional benefits, joining PTSA could actually save you money.

Some examples:

  • PTA members save up to 20% at Great Wolf Lodge
  • FedEx/Kinko’s offers 15% off their products to PTA members
  • Members get up to 20% off at Hertz car rental
  • Staples gives members 10% off in supplies and furniture, 25% off printing services, and 5% back in rewards, year-round

Learn more about these benefits HERE


Apply for a PTSA Grant.  Last year alone, thanks to our donors' generosity and thanks to your creativity and commitment, PTSA was able to fund 30 academic and special projects grants, totaling almost $22,000. Over the last five years, PTSA has funded more than $65,000 in grants for Redmond Middle School. 

The grants program would not be possible without your support. The only way PTSA can support your brilliant ideas is if we know about them!  PTSA typically receives grant proposals in the Fall, and depending on our fundraising results, again in January or February.  Our next grant application period starts on October 2015. The deadline to receive grant proposals is Monday, October 26, 2015 at 3 pm in our mailbox, or by midnight if emailed to  

Grant Application guidelines | Learn more about PTSA Grants


Subscribe to Bear Tracks, the PTSA weekly newsletter. If you think Bear Tracks is just for parents, think again. Bear Tracks is an excellent tool for staff to get an overall view of what's happening at our school, as it publishes news from all the different organizations working at RMS.  Also, you might find that perhaps some things you think should be there, are not, in which case you would be serving our community by sending information of general interest to  .


Stay in touch.  You are a very important part of PTSA, and we welcome your comments and suggestions on parent-teacher communication, how to improve our programs, or anything that will make our partnership a better one for the benefit of our students. The PTSA communications team will be happy to publish any information about an upcoming event, or field trips reminders, etc. Your PTSA teacher representative this year is Julie Lynd ( Your honest feedback is always appreciated. Please feel free to contact Julie with your comments and suggestions, or contact directly any time.