Redmond Middle School is creating a food pantry/clothing closet for students in need of these extra resources during the school day or at home during the week. They have dubbed this room “The Snuggery”.

The Snuggery is scheduled to open in November, but first we need to stock it with non-perishable food items and gently used (or new) clothing.

Redmond Middle School has asked the school community (all of us) if we'd like to help contribute to this initiative by donating items below so that they're available all throughout the year.

Individual foods:

  • Instant oatmeal packets
  • Individual serving of crackers / cookies
  • Granola Bars
  • Individual cereal servings
  • Fruit cups
  • Apple sauce pouches
  • Cup o noodles
  • Microwavable soups cups
  • Protein drinks
  • Individual servings of nuts
  • Individual servings of trail mix
  • Individual servings of beef jerky


Food for students to take home:

  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned Soup
  • Canned Chili
  • Canned Pasta meals
  • Individual Fully cooked shelf stable meals
  • Spice mixes
  • Boxes of crackers
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Bags of rice/Boxed rice
  • Bags of beans
  • Boxes of cereal
  • Shelf stable milk