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Send a Shout-Out to your student!

One of the ways we help with the cost of the program is to do something called a 'Shout Out'. Shout Outs are printed in the program and are a great way for you to acknowledge your child and all the hard work they have put into the show. These can be from parents, grandparents, aunts and name it! Be creative! Use inside jokes, nicknames, etc.

A regular size shout out is about the size of a business card and the cost is $15. Limit it to about three to four lines. Shout Outs are due by Monday, February 14. If you would like to include an image or create an image version of your shout-out please e-mail that to

Example: "Congratulations, Billy! We're so proud of all of your hard work. Love, Mom and Dad"

The money from shout outs goes to pay for the costs of printing and designing the program. Any left over after that will go to help pay for costumes and set design to make the show even more spectacular.

Thank you for supporting RMS Drama!

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